Monday, March 22, 2010

Theology: Part I

My roommates and I had a very intense and interesting discussion last night about theology. Both of my roommates are searching for answers to what they believe in as far as religion goes. One roommate is in religion class at Baylor and is learning the history of the church as a whole, both catholic and protestant faiths. The other was raised in a certain denomination that was stifling and she grew up with a lot of questions that were never answered to her satisfaction. This lead me to begin searching myself, even though I'm very convinced of my beliefs, for the specific answers to some of the questions my roommates had for me.
In these posts spark an interest or if you would like to debate a certain point of view, please post a response! Let's talk about it! I'm interested in hearing about different perspectives and would love to dialogue with you! It is not my intention to offend anyone. I simply wish to have some accountability by posting my findings to you, the public, so that I can A) learn more; and B) have a way to document my journey.
I'm excited to tackle the first part of this adventure. I think I'll start by addressing Divine Grace. Stay tuned while I do my research!


  1. And which are those questions? The topic is quite abundant ;)

  2. I'll get to them as I can! It's quite a few!